Raising Weimaraner Dogs for 15 Years

Our Family has been raising Weimaraners for 15 years. I, Barbara had a Weimaraner while I grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington. He was such a great family dog. My Husband Jay and I are now raising our own children in Montana. I wanted to use my love for animals and knowledge as a former Vet Tech to raise great family dogs with a stand out look and temperament.

Blue Sky Weimaraner

Our Weimaraners are great with our children. As a mother, this was a must. I love having larger family dogs I can trust to be around our children and their friends. Our children love playing with the puppies from the day they are born in our home. Having our children working with our dogs and puppies makes them very social. It is my desire to raise quality hunting dogs that will also make a wonderful family companion. It has been so much fun seeing the popularity of the Weimaraner breed grow. The majority of the puppies I have had in the past 15 years have gone to non-hunting families. Some want a jogging buddy, a pet for the kids, or a friend for singles, however with the champion bloodlines we have chosen, these puppies will hunt very well. The Weimaraner breed can cover all those bases.

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